Trauma Informed Care: Principles for Physical Therapists

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ipthope trauma webinar infoSpring 2022 Recorded Education Session:
Title: Trauma Informed Care: Principles for Physical Therapists
Presenter: Jennifer Stone, PT, DPT (she/her)

Session Information: Studies show that a significant number of patients have a past-history of trauma. A cancer diagnosis can create an additional trauma and/or activate behaviors based on past trauma. This session will provide an overview of trauma, behaviors that represent common trauma responses, and de-escalation and management techniques that are practical and can be applied with all patients. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and work through practical case scenarios and will walk away with tools to work with patients with a past, chronic, or current history of trauma to build resilience and self-efficacy. We will discuss individual and process level items that can create or detract from an atmosphere of safety for patients and therapists to promote the development of a therapeutic alliance and maximize therapy benefits.


Dr. Jennifer Stone holds a Pelvic Health Certificate. She is a Board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, a therapeutic pain specialist, and is certified in hybrid learning & teaching. Dr. Stone currently serves as Director of Postprofessional Operations and Director of the Pelvic Health Specialist Certification and Certificate of Advanced Musculoskeletal Management of the Pelvic Girdle for Evidence In Motion. Dr. Stone graduated with her master’s in physical therapy from Texas State University in 2009 and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in 2010. She completed a residency in orthopedic physical therapy in 2010 and was board certified in orthopedics in 2012. She received a certificate of academic proficiency in pelvic floor physical therapy from Herman & Wallace in 2014.. Jennifer practices in an outpatient orthopedic setting, where approximately 90% of her caseload is comprised of pelvic health patients. She is passionate about opening the world of pelvic health to physical therapists in primarily non-pelvic health settings (orthopedic, neurologic, sports) under the premise that all humans have a pelvis, and all physical therapists would benefit from having some pelvic floor knowledge. Jennifer’s research interests include the role of the pelvic floor in orthopedic dysfunction and the role of physical therapists during the childbearing year. She is passionate about spreading knowledge of trauma informed care and gender affirmative care practices to physical therapists in all settings. Jennifer lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA with her husband and 5 children, where she loves hiking, gardening, and enjoying the chaos of large family living.

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