Hospice/Palliative Care Special Interest Group

To build a network of dedicated team of physiotherapists across the globe by reaching out to member countries of the WPT and encouraging/stimulating interest in palliative care physiotherapy.


  • Encourage/advocate for inclusive care and universal access to a compassionate, high-quality palliative and end of life rehabilitation when and where needed.
  • To use the IPT-HOPE platform to authenticate the advocacy for the full inclusion of physical therapy services in the multidisciplinary palliative care team especially in areas where it is non-existent as well as in other arrears where physiotherapy services are under-utilized, especially in low resource countries.
  • Establish a collaborative research network with members to generate evidence-based results in palliative care rehabilitation.
  • Update members on the current trends in palliative care rehabilitation through IPT-HOPE Webinars.

Hospice and Palliative Care Special Interest Group Leader
Dr. John Davidson Okwudili (Nigeria)


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