Treasurer: T.H. (Theo) Ruitenbeek

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Country: Netherlands

Qualifications:  PT, BSc, Physical therapist, Lymphoedema physical therapist, Oncology physical therapist.

Bio:  Theo Ruitenbeek is a physical therapist working in a private setting for over forty years. He is a former chairman of the national organization for physiotherapists for oncology, oedema and palliative care. In addition to this day-to-day work, he is active in many oncology and palliative care organizations in the region and at the national level. He is an advisor at the regional palliative care consultation team Salland.

He is co-author of various professional profiles for physiotherapists, oedema and oncology,co-author of several oncology-related guidelines.

He is a course leader and senior lecturer at the Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care.

He is a coach in intervision and in-service training programs

Thereby he is the treasurer of the the World Physiotherapy Sub-group:  International Physical Therapists for HIV/AIDS, Oncology, and Palliative Care Empowerment (IPT-HOPE) and chair of the regional organisation for physiotherapy centres F10-Ijsselland.

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