Developing an international competent physiotherapy community that provides oncology patients with the best practiced evidenced based physiotherapy services through out their cancer care continuum.

Objectives for the next 2 years:

  • To promote and facilitate the evidence based best-practice physiotherapy for people living with and beyond cancer internationally.
    (Through Developing Guidelines, Exchange information and programs, collaboration between different countries)
  • To enhance training on oncology physiotherapy to improve competences and fill up the gaps in knowledge internationally (both basics and advance trainings, symposia, meetings, workshops)
  • To encourage collaboration with cancer organizations, associations and institutes to build up networking and increase the reach through them.
  • To build a network of international members( increase engagement- networking and information exchange)
  • To increase the medical community awareness about the role of physiotherapy in Oncology services especially in less privileged countries.
  • To increase the reach of the specialized Oncology services utilizing tele-medicine between countries.

Oncology Special Interest Group Leader
nouf headshot
Nouf Al Dhwayan (Saudi Arabia)

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