This is a collection of useful resources for physiotherapists interested in HIV/AIDS, Oncology, and Hospice Care/Palliative Care.

World Physiotherapy Links

World Physiotherapy Main Website:
World Physiotherapy’s vision is to move physical therapy forward so the profession is recognised globally for its significant role in improving health and wellbeing.

As the international voice of physical therapy World Physiotherapy’s mission is to:

  • unite the profession internationally;
  • represent physical therapy and physical therapists internationally;
  • promote high standards of physical therapy practice, education and research;
  • facilitate communication and information exchange among member organisations, regions, subgroups and their members;
  • collaborate with national and international organisations;
  • contribute to the improvement of global health

World Physiotherapy Subgroups Website:  Subgroups are important independent organisations in their own right. They have a specific area of interest, and promote the advancement of physiotherapy and exchange of scientific knowledge in their field.  Follow this link to browse



IPT-HOPE YouTube Channel:  online webinars are stored on the YouTube page

Cancer Exercise Tool Kit for clinicians:

IPT-HOPE Padlet: for updates with the SIGs

IPT-HOPE is a Subgroup of World Physiotherapy

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