Physiotherapy Research Director: Grainne Sheill

Grainne Sheill

Country: Ireland

Dr Gráinne Sheill is a Senior Physiotherapist in St. James’s Hospital Dublin and a Post-doctorate Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin. She graduated as a physiotherapist from Trinity College Dublin in 2011 and went on to obtain a master’s degree in University College Dublin. Dr Sheill worked clinically for a number of years in St. James’s Hospital, Dublin before completing a PhD in exercise oncology in Trinity College Dublin in 2018. Her work has been widely published and she has presented at conferences both nationally and internationally. Her main research interest is in the role of exercise and physical activity in ameliorating treatment side effects and optimising survivorship for patients with cancer. Her work considers both the therapeutic and the physiological impact of exercise programmes. She was awarded the Irish Cancer Society Stimulus Award in 2018 to explore the feasibility of implementing exercise based rehabilitation programmes in a National Cancer Centre and was the Irish Cancer Society’s post-doctorate researcher of the year in 2019. She currently works as a Project Manager on the Health Research Board/MRCG funded trial: Preoperative Exercise to Improve Fitness in Patients Undergoing Complex Surgery for Cancer of the Lung or Oesophagus (PRE-HIIT).

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